Entrepreneurial Investment™

The Enerco Group is a unique entrepreneurial organisation with a specific focus on creating, investing and growing upstream oil and gas technology based companies.

We are passionate about building extraordinary companies, applying new ideas and creating commercial, technology based solutions to address industry challenges and the needs of our clients. Our success is founded on fresh perspectives, commercial innovation, technical expertise and entrepreneurial flair.


Q4 2014 Mintra multi-million pound deal with Riverside Company

Enerco are pleased to announce a transaction between Riverside Company, Mintra Training Portal A.S. and Mintra Training Portal Limited.

Jamie Bennett, Chairman of Enerco (an investor in both organisations) said “Since Enerco invested in Mintra 3 years ago, the company has experienced strong and robust growth reaching £12 million in revenues  ...read more



Q1 2014 Office Redevelopment Completed

Enerco Group are pleased to announce the completion of the multi-million pound re-development of Carden Place.

The new facility provides 10,000 square feet of office space on three floors with onsite parking both to the front and rear of the building.... read more